CBGa Crumble Extract – 75.56 Total Cannabinoid Concentrate

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Considered the Mother of all CannabinoidsCBGa has been identified as the precursor of all cannabinoids, it is the first in the line of more than 120 identified cannabinoid compounds found in the plant genus Cannabis! Cannabigerol is the non-acidic form of cannabigerolic acid, the parent molecule from which other cannabinoids are synthesized.

A perfected extraction process brings to life this CBGa crumble using our CBGa rich biomass. The texture, smell, and taste are on point! High Concentrations of Cannabigerol (CBG) in its acidic form (CBGa) and terpenes make for a product that is unique!

Our CBGa Crumble has a balancing and grounding effect – leaving behind a euphoric feeling as it networks with your endocannabinoid system within your body.

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CBGa Crumble Extract

CBGa Crumble Extract

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INGREDIENTS: CBGa 72.49% (cannabigerolic acid), CBG 2.34% (cannabigerol), CBD .4928% (cannabiderol), CBDa .5619% (cannabidolic acid), and CBC .276% (cannabichromene) — LOQ Total THC .1577% (Tetrahydrocannabinol) 75.56% Total Cannabinoid

STORAGE: For best results, store in a cool, dry place removed from direct sunlight and heat.

DIRECTIONS: To consume the CBGa crumble, simply place your desired amount of the crumble extract in your favorite dab device. We recommend low temp for best taste. You can also add and quickly melt on top of your favorite flower.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Avoid touching product to any unclean surface to preserve the quality and to prevent any contamination from occurring.

ComBineD CBGa crumble sold by the gram and kilo increments. We can ship to Canada, and all 50 States as the THC is less than .1577% Total THC.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

This product contains less than .3% THC — Third Party Lab Tested

21 reviews for CBGa Crumble Extract – 75.56 Total Cannabinoid Concentrate

  1. TD

    I have combusted the CBGa crumble with a standard flame, with and without cannabis flower, in a glass bowl, as well as with or without a high-thc concentrate, at low temperature vaporization (aka ‘yabba dabba doo’) — I appreciate you and your team for the good vibes and personal engagement.

  2. C

    The extensive travel has caught up with me and the crumble is exactly what I need to relax to the max.

    It doesn’t make me fall asleep but more so aids in my relaxation that puts my mind at ease. It allows my mind to feel less cluttered and way less tense right before I prepare to get to sleep.

    I also notice that I wake less frequently during the night.

    I don’t know if it’s the grower in me that forces me to wake up three times a night thinking of plants or my kids, but any legal and natural cannabinoid that can reduce the number of interruptions in my sleep is a quality product in my opinion.

  3. DN

    Unlike any dab I have taken in the past. I experienced a full body high that not only felt great but set my mind at ease. Not overwhelming in the slightest. I am a huge fan of dabbing different ratios of CBD/THC so when I heard of a high CBGa crumble, I had to try it. Great flavor and effect. I highly recommend this product!

  4. MB

    My new favorite is the CBGa crumble. Wowee!

  5. SW

    Wow, Bra-fucking-O! Your CBGa crumble is on par with that of its THC derived cousin and I for one am impressed with the body buzz and almost instant relaxation.

  6. CM

    It is fire for sleep no doubt.

  7. Charlie

    The smell and taste of the CBGa crumble is floral-like with a smooth smoke. The structure and composition is very interesting. It is moon-rock like in its structure, but could be described as “airy” or “light” when you hold it and start to manipulate. It is not moist upon first breaking it up with your fingers, but as you manipulate more you realize the oil content is immense in the CBGa crumble. The smell is even more pleasant and floral like when you break it apart.

    It also gives me a certain effect that I have sought since beginning to use Cannabinoids as medicine. It’s the feeling I get behind and around my eyes, kind of as if they are puffy or swollen. Something about that feeling has always been associated with what I deem as a quality cannabinoid experience.

    When using it, I agree that a little goes a long way. I have trialed it through vaporization in a concentrate dab rig and combined with other legal cannabinoid flower in a bowl or filter-tip flower cone.

    In all situations, the effects and experience was pleasant and something I will expect to become a staple in my cannabinoid consumption routine.

  8. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Crumbly texture. Smooth effects and a good throat hit on the inhale. Very Earthy!

  9. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Good Taste!

  10. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Loved the taste. The effects were very relaxing and euphoric and the same time. By far, my favorite!

  11. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    I love the deep golden color, the earthy scent and texture. It has a very subtle sweetness and tasted very natural.

  12. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    It had a light, citrus smell to it, not super strong, but pleasant. It was pretty easy to crumble, but also had some big chunks in there which was nice. I vaporized it on coils and it hit pretty smooth. I think it’d be perfect to top a bowl of flower with for a nice smooth high if using it for that reason – I felt nice, relaxed, and less anxious within a couple of minutes of vaping this crumble.

  13. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Fresh scent with almost no smell. After trying it my anxiety was gone. Great taste! I like the gold nugget look. I like that it had instructions for new users.

  14. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    It tastes real smooth and I like the texture of the product.

  15. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Looks good for a crumble – the smell wasn’t too strong, but the taste was very earthy. Really enjoyed the effect of the CBGa! I could feel it kick in starting at my head and trickling down through my body. Good job!

  16. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    It had a noticeable relaxing effect after just a few hits.

  17. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Great packaging, makes it stand out on a shelf. Texture was easily malleable when spreading over flower. Soothing effects were immediate and slowly tapered off.

  18. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Great product! Great way to roll up with very nice CBGa product.

  19. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Nice taste. Either this took my soreness away or there was a miracle. I’d buy this.

  20. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Nice honeycomb crumble with unique cannabinoid profile and effect.

  21. Hemp Cup Judge Comments

    Great product overall. Packaging was perfect and included everything that a consumer would need to know. Perfectly executed crumble and a product I really enjoyed.

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